New Air Pouch delivery system from Automated Packaging Systems

Automated Packaging Systems will be launching a new AirPouch delivery system which gives customers space and flexibility.

Customers using AirPouch cushions in their packing process now have more options for getting the versatile void fill cushions to work stations.

“Thanks to our new PDS1000 pillow delivery system, customers have the potential to supply multiple work stations with strings of AirPouch cushions from just a single machine,” said a company spokesperson.

The new system utilises the AirPouch Express 3 machine, which is a mainstay for many companies in the mail order fulfilment sector. The Express 3 inflates AirPouch material on site, which Automated Packaging Systems supplies boxed and ready to use.

Until now, customers have either used an individual Express 3 machine at each packing desk, or had a centrally located machine which operators would go to when they ran low on the AirPouch cushions.

Steve Dougan, European product manager, explained: The new PDS1000 system uses one machine that is connected to workstations via ducting, which delivers the inflated AirPouch pillows to each packing desk. A central control unit is linked into the Express 3 machine which manages and monitors the whole system.

“You can select the exact number of pillows you need in a string – and that amount can be sent to an individual packing station. This means you can have shorter strings of pillows for packing stations dealing with smaller items, or longer strings for another workstation where larger packages are being prepared for dispatch.

“The system features a built in separator which separates the pillows to create the required size of string. A sensor located at each hopper detects when it is full and then moves onto the next hopper. There’s less for the operator to do which means they can concentrate on packing items.

“It’s a much more efficient and effective system and it can be adapted to meet customers’ individual requirements. It can be carefully tailored for different work environments.”

So far, the system has undergone successful trials with a customer in the mail order sector. The PDS1000 system has enabled the customer to use one Express 3 machine to supply 14 packing desks.

Dougan added: “It saves customers space and because fewer machines are needed, that means less downtime for maintenance. We’re pleased with how the trial has progressed and we look forward to offering this solution to other customers in the near future.”


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